Crawl by Rebeca Lappa
Stay in Touch by Sam Cash
Isadora by Kevin Howley, Scarlett Flynn, David Puzak, Jeffery Carter performed by Running Red Lights
Good Enough by Brian Asselin, Rebecca Noelle, David Gaw performed by The Commotions
Breathe Again by Michael Harmel performed by Government Town
Weight (On My Shoulders) by Stacey Kay, Justin Forsley performed by Stacey Kay
Do Right by Khalid Yassein performed by Wild Rivers
Firefly by Ian Sherwood
Mama Said by Hana Bajrić
Angel Undercover by Neema


LTJ by William Needham performed by Broomsticks and Hammers
Anthracite by Nico Tobias
The Sea Among Us Part 2 by Kevin Wright, Holly Arntzen, David Sinclair performed by The Wilds
Alberta Town by Timothy O’Reilly
Photographs by Patrick Spencer performed by Coldwater Raod
Calgary Song by Leona Burkey
Petawawa Blues by John Kelly performed by The Kelly Song Collective
Unknown Soldier by Jack Connolly
Turtle Island by Kelly Derrickson, Benny Cancino Jr., Craig Lackey, Dan Reifsnyder performed by kelly Derrickson
Saskatchewine by Mark Coughlan performed by Mark Times


I Can’t Blame Her by Doug Folkins & Keesy Timmer performed by Troy Castellano
Another Reason For the Blues by Braden Gates
Rock in Hard Place by Maddy Little
State of Denial by Lauren Busheikin performed by Lauren Joseph
Silverado Run by Amanda Jordan
Hidden Seasons by Josh McCabe performed by Caves
Worst Hotel by Glen Koide performed by Farmer The Band
Light On by Dana Blayone, Jon MacDonald performed by Joey Landreth
My Country by Kate Todd/Philip Douglas/Bernie Nelson/Peter Linseman performed by Kate Todd


Bangin’ A Gong by James Jones, Mark Zubek performed by
Thunderstorm by Jamie Labrador, Mark Zubek performed by Jamie Labrador
Perfection by Katrina Becker-Gedge, Adam Stanton performed by Kat Beck
Damage by Vinze, Joel Henderson, Gianluigi Fazio, David West performed by Vinze feat. Poor Nameless Boy
Words are not Enough by Naomi Shobha, Yui See, and Ared Arzumanian performed by Zero Gravity feat. Naomi Shobha
Kill My Darlings by Tatiana Zagorac, Ari Rhodes performed by Talltale
OUT OF MY MIND by Rachel Woznow, Gary Lefkowith, Mike Rogers performed by Rachel Woznow
Energy by Tenille Jocelyn
Pretend by Tenille Jocelyn
Show You What I Got by Stacey Kay


This House by Cat Thomson
Travelling Man by Hisham Abu Nura performed by The Free
Roll Me On Home by Ken Yates
Whisky Pine by Benjamin Dakota Rogers
Find Your Tribe by Helen Austin & Paul Otten performed by Big Little Lions
Down to the Bottom by Declan O’Donovan
Box Labelled You by Kara Golemba performed by Kara Golemba (feat. Joey Landreth)
Light of Day by Mathew Magneson
Alive by E. Anton, L. Taylor, B. Carter, A. Laughton, T. Laughton performed by Safe As Houses
I’ll Let You Go by Jessica Allossery


Embarques-tu? by Allan Hurd
Ariane by Allan Hurd
Danse by Cindy Doire and James Robertson performed by Cindy Doire
Oublié by Erika Fowler
Te retrouver by Andréanne Muzzo, Nicolas Ferron Geoffroy performed by Les Passagers
Condor by Marie-Pier Laplante
L’arbre Chinois by Nathalie Maillard, Peter Venne performed by Nathalie Maillard
L’igloo by Nathalie Maillard, Peter Venne performed by Nathalie Maillard
Fermer la Shop by Nathalie Maillard, Peter Venne performed by Nathalie Maillard
Bunker de tes bras by Nicolas Gémus


Pure Leaf by Brent “B-Flix” Flicks, Xavier Addams, Doug “Frank Douglas” Butler, Shane McCurdy performed by B Flix feat. Frank Douglas
Cry With Me by Terris Field performed by Casualty
Everybody Sing by Debra Alexander & David Leask
Back 2 Da Future by Michael Wilson performed by God Made Me Funky
Today I Can do Anything by Keno, Laurell Barker, and Ared Arzumanian performed by Keno – ft. Laurell
Blasphemous by Hisham Abu Nura performed by The Free
Same Same by Hisham Abu Nura performed by The Free
Gospels by Sadia
Repeat by Johnny Word
Wake Up Call by Jamie Sparks


You Don’t Know Her by Vissia
And Nothing Else by Denielle Bassels, Mike Mathieson performed by Denielle Bassels
Undo by D. Alexander and D. Leask
Heaven and Earth by Michael Kaeshammer
Snap Chat Lady by Chris Madronich
Without You performed by The Jessica Stuart Few (ft. Elizabeth Shepard)
Broken Radio by Judy Marshak and John Alcorn performed by Judy Marshak
Little Bluebird by Jodi Proznick
Satellite by Laila Biali
Tithing by Clea Anais Foo Fat performed by Raleigh


Two Streets by Hana Bajric
The Space Between Stars by John Muirhead
Four Colours by John Kelly
Vos ÉtÉs Sont Nos Hivers by Sophie Bègue
Rise by Andre Yves Lacroix
If I Could only by John Kelly
Diamonds by Michael Harmel
The Architect by Madhu Pinto
Gramma’s Apron Pockets by Dawn Schumilas
Even the Sun Falls by Marc Williams


Got Me All Wrong by Gus McMillan, Robyn Dell’Unto performed by Gus McMillan
Ladykiller by Mally
Legs by Stacey Kay, Emma-Lee, Karen Kosowski performed by Stacey Kay
Roses by Gus McMillan, Robyn Dell’Unto performed by Gus McMillan
A Little Vulture Told Me by Lyra Brown
How Does it Feel (Coyotes Remix) by Shay Esposito, Chris Daellenbach, Trey Mills performed by Shay Esposito
New Type by Stacey Kay, Robyn Dell’Unto, Tyler Tsang performed by Stacey Kay
Salt by Robyn Dell Unto, Kevin Howley, Scarlett Flynn performed by Running Red Lights
Ice Cream by Adam Mah, Shane Stephenson, Daniel Kozlowski, Deven Azevedo, Glen Jackson performed by Derrival
Fun by Alexandra Hawse, Murray Daigle, Jonathan Pike performed by Alexandra Hawse


The Best is Yet to Come by Jacob Lapenskie, Colin Prentice performed by Baby Richman
Crystal Pistol by Lindsey Davis, Chris Unck performed by Desert Diamond
Sink In by Scott Beattie, Dale McIntyre, Spencer Bauer performed by Ex Ømerta
Open Arms by Breanna Johnston, Mark Rendall performed by Iluminas
Bell Rock by Christopher Panacci performed by Laughed the Boy
If I Gave You One More Day by Liam Lewis-Sing
Everything Connected by Matt Blais, Brian Moncarz performed by Matt Blais
Oh My My by David Mitchel, Craig Saltz, Sebastian Shinwell, Max Trefler, Stephan Ermel performed by Midday Swim
Running Away by Jared Salte, Bethany Salte performed by The Royal Foundry
Making me High by Lara Lewis


House of Cards by Em Jordan
Crazy by Hailey Benedict
You by Jonah Cappa
Everything I Haven’t Said by Keltie
Spinning by Keltie
Orange by Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla performed by Moscow Apartment
Paper Planes by Sofia Kay
Run Away by Sean Thomas
Light of Day by Mathew Magneson
What Would I Do by Maura Whitman


Into the West by Aaron B. Thompson
Worth It by Erika Fowler
Faded by Harrison Caldeira
Open Arms by Breanna Johnston, Mark Rendall performed by Iluminas
Sugarcane by Kate Stevens
His Song by Sarah Carmosino
Shadow by Lindsay Barr
You Are Perfection by Katrina Becker-Gedge, Adam Stanton performed by Kat Beck
Darling Knows by Mathew Magneson
Miss Understood by Carolina East, Rob Wels, Shobha Lee performed by Carolina East


Winner – Is it Like That? by Kelsey Hayes


Resting Place by Lindsay Foote
Code of a Clown by Justin Perkins
Hustle by Grace Marr
Cityscape by Lisa Anderson
Squirrels Rule the Day, Raccoons Rule the Night, performed by the Bombadils, written by Sarah Frank and Luke Fraser
Down that Road by Whitey Somers
Fever performed by Julian Taylor Band, written by Julian Taylor, Jeremy Elliott, David Engle, Steve Pelletier, and Saam Hashemi
Infidel performed by The Dearly Departed, written by Jonathan Gagnon
Is it Like That? by Kelsey Hayes
Terror in the Land performed by The Great Fuss, written by Peter Oldridge



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