SOCAN Makes Sure You Get Paid When Your Songs Get Played


Writing songs is work. Yes, it’s work that you love to do, but you deserve to be paid if and when others gain money from your work. That’s where SOCAN comes in. We make sure that you get paid when your music is played in public.

How? Well, the moment you write a song, you own it. It’s yours, and it’s your right to receive money when it’s played in public, whether it’s a song played by a band (even your own band) in a live concert; played on a recording in a business venue; or played in a radio, television or online broadcast. Whenever your song is performed in public, SOCAN ensures that you’re paid the performing rights royalties that you earn for it.

If you’re a SOCAN member, SOCAN administers these performing rights on your behalf. SOCAN navigates through the difficult process of tracking your music, collecting your royalties from tens of thousands of venues, businesses, organizations, and online services that play it, protecting your rights, and allowing you to concentrate more on doing what you love: making music.

SOCAN makes the process of monitoring, collecting and paying you for your songs perfectly easy and simple. We pay you for your performances in Canada, and throughout the world, based on agreements with our affiliated foreign performing rights organizations (like ASCAP and BMI in the U.S., or PRS for Music in the U.K.). SOCAN takes care of this business for almost 150,000 songwriters, composers, screen composers, lyricists, and music publishers. We’re a collective owned by its members, and dedicated to administering their performing rights.

But to get paid royalties when your songs are played in public, you must become a SOCAN member and register your songs. It’s easy to do; just visit here and complete the simple application steps. You can then register each song you write when you complete the final version of it, which you’re performing live and/or releasing commercially.

Besides getting paid when your music is played, there are other benefits to being a SOCAN member. Our Nashville House and L.A. House each provide accommodation to our members for up to two weeks, for business and songwriting trips, and there are SOCAN representatives in both cities. SOCAN also offers musical equipment insurance discounts, discounts on car (or van) rentals and travel accommodations, a group banking program, and various other advantages.

Let SOCAN to do all the complex, nearly impossible – and frankly, tedious – work, so that you can concentrate on the fun stuff: making music. And the best news? Joining SOCAN is free.

Above all, you’re a skilled professional. Your songwriting is your passion and joy, but it’s still your work, and you deserve to be compensated fairly for it.