Thank you to everyone who entered the CSC! Below are the semi-finalists for each category. Finalists will be announced later in April, and winners announced in May!


No Worries by Shae Dupuy and Jeff Johnson

Boots Make The Man by Terry Maxwell and Gary Lloyd

Mountain Child by Becca Hess and Kenny Hess

Butterfly Tattoo by Ben Klick and Rylee Madison

When You Leave Me by Bernie O’Neill

Found by Dan Davidson and Clayton Bellamy

My Kinda Crazy by Jesse Weeks, Jonathan Whittle and Billy Dawson

In Paradise by Jim Levatte

Rich Man Poor Man by Mike LeBlanc

Thanks by Michael Nowak

Freight Train by Daniel Kikkert and Carly Reirson

Take a Ride by Michael Harmel, performed by Governmenet Town

Get on the highway by Christopher Howse

Mitch the Motorman by Casey Edge, performed by CW the Motormen

Secondhand Gold by Carli Kennedy, Julie Kennedy and Brian Donkers, performed by Twin Kennedy

Wishing On You by Shae Dupuy Mike LIttle, Drew Gregory

Made A Believer Out Of Me by Terry Maxwell and Gary Lloyd

Anywhere with You by Kate Todd, Peter Linseman, and Patricia Conroy

Grow Up by Beth Marie Anderson, Melissa Megan Nantais

Rocky Mountain Lot by Robert Adam

Harvest for the Queen by Tim Moxam

Without You by Vicki Brittle



Daughters by Jonathan Hughes

Mango by The Free

Labyrinth by Robert Dedier and Andres Sierra

Talk Later by David Senf, performed by senafonic

Candle Burned by Jenny Lea performed by I M U R

Fearless by Tiffany Desrosiers/Troy Samson

Designed 4 U by Evan Norton, Mike Gonek, Andrew Lin, performed by Torro Torro

Micro Hands Up! by Spencer Heaslip and Trevor Kraus-Picado

Freedom Island by The Free

I Found You by Jesse Weeks, Craig Smart, Joakim Molitor

Port Ellen Bass feat. Maude Audet by Pascal Asselin , Maude Audet performed by Millimetrik

Peninsula Mist II by Pascal Asselin, performed by Millimetrik

Breach of Reason by Daniele Losier, performed by Tilley Road Affair

Lost In Ecstasy ft. Kelsey Hayes Justin Lavergne written by Danick Coutu, Steven Valvasori, performed by Apollo

Why Do I Still Love You by Robert Dedier, Andres Sierra

Tonight by Hussein Alidina, Adam H, Don Wolf, performed by Global Party Starters

Swirl by Jenny Lea performed by I M U R

Take On The World by Jesse Weeks, Davor Vulama and Joakim Molitor



The Chains in Mind by Christian Vegh

I ja fin (It’s Already Over) by Malika Tirolien and EifKeyz

Drunk and Dreamin by Jenna Glatt, Kinetics & One Love

Gone written by Nikolas Hook Nilsson, performed by Kokophonix

Risky Business by Miray

Revolution by Malika Tirolien, Emrical and Rawn Cana

This Feeling by Chris Eriksen, performed by William-Skov

I’ve Been a Bad Boy by Thierry Haroun

Skinny Jean Queen by AyazV

Cold Girl by John Ward

Canvas by Pras K

Patience by Malika Tirolien and Groundfood

Coming For You by Manuela Wuthrich, Ari Mastoras, Jasmine Denham performed by Nuela Charles

Cece by Alexander Nikolas Shenton, performed by A Rancher’s Son

Beautiful Distraction by Damian La Grange

Handouts by Damian La Grange

My Voice by William LeBlanc and Greg Matthews, performed by Rellik

Colourblind by Miray

Only Love Will Last by Brent “B-Flix” Flicks, Rayne Drop, Moka Only

Is It Too Late by Hussein Alidina, Faze Jumani, performed by Global Party Starters


4. POP

Save Yourself by Mikalyn Hay, Tyler Simmons, and Murray Daigle

Feeling Okay by Spencer Heaslip

Freedom Island by The Free

Universal Vibe by Benjamin Charlton performed by Indigo feat Patrick-Sauve

Get Me To Dance by David Chateauvert

Cruel by Danielle Lynn Coey, Maia Davies and Joel Jordan Stouffer, performed by DANI

Cece by Alexander Nikolas Shenton, performed by A Rancher’s Son

Boss Level by Kay, Stern, Stapleton, Oliva, Turner, performed by EH440

Uneven by Julie Abel, performed by Raychel

Same Girl by Jessica Stuart

Baby You Were Made in Paris by Chad Thomas, performed by The Wisers

Love’s a Losing Game by Tiffany Desrosiers, Jesse Weeks, and Arun Chaturvedi

Enemy by Robert Dedier and Andres Sierra

Six Strings by Brettyn Rose

Lost At Sea by Shobha and Rob Wells

La Cabane by Maude Lapierre, performed by Soul and Sister

Fakin Me Out by Chesca

Low Profile by Charlotte Command, performed by Command Sisters

Best of Me by  Lora Ryan and Adam Royce

Your Love by Simon Beland

Electromagnetic by Tricia Fitz

Candy by Vicki Brittle

Warpaint by Luke Melnik (AKA Luke Roes), performed by Ivory Hours

Haven In A Heartless World by Jesse Weeks and Adam Royce

Motion by Danielle Sweeney, Andrew Fraser, Jesse McNeill, Phil Hamelin, Mike Clement, performed by Love coast

Young by Gus McMilan

Microphone by Kinley Dowling

I’ve Lost Myself by Melanie Ast, Jennifer Lai, Christopher Kavanagh, performed by This Side of Town

You Lost Me by Lia Cole



Wrath Like a City by Cobra Ramone

Tame the Wild by Andre Nault, performed by Stand up and Say

Collateral Damage by Melanie Ast, Jennifer Lai, and Christopher Kavanagh performed by This Side of Town

Everything Connected by Matt Blais and Brian Moncarz

Can’t Stop The Havelots by Colin-Wylie

Home by Michael Harmel, performed by Government Town

Heard Good Things by Julian Taylor, Jeremy Elliott, Denis Martel

Turn Your Back On Your Regrets by Jon Stancer

Eden by Charles-David Lapierre, performed by Soul and Sister

Feeling Good by Andrew Cotter and Sam Bailey, performed by Elk Run & Riot

Hey Now by Jared Lutes

Lucy by Luke Frame

Moving Mountains by Basil Kalmantis, performed by The Patient

Hey by Mehran Aminian, performed by The Persis

Screaming Sun by Megan Landry

Double Rainbros by Peter Oldridge, performed by OHMEOHMY!

Number One by Ria Jade

Eastern Rise by Terence Jack

Dyin On The Dancefloor by Jarek Hardy, Ryan Guay, Will Marr, Paul Nanuwa

All Ways by John Mutter

Don’t tell me again by Anthony Mascarin, Alex Mascarin, and Joe Manchisi, performed by We OUtspoken

God Help Me I Like It by Isaac Kent, John Scotto, Jaad Stewart, performed by Dali Van Gogh

Beep Bop Bow by Jonathan Mansilla (performed by Jony)

Hold On Tight by David Krygier-Baum, Craig Saltz, Stephan Ermel, Seb Shinwell and Max Trefler, performed by Midday Swim



Liar by Shae Dupuy and Jessica Mitchell

Ol’ Sweet Day by AHI

False Promises by Aaron Thompson

Kingdom-Come by Alex Leggett

Say Hello by Helen Austin & Paul Otten, performed by Big Little Lions

Jeggy Jeggy by Austin Eatman

Echoes by Tyler Lombard and Andy Brown

Brother(Ohana) by Vicki Brittle

Freshly Fallen Snow by Danielle Knibbe, Bryn Besse, Connor Walsh

The Space Between Stars by John Muirhead

Atlantic Ocean by Joel Henderson, performed by Poor Nameless Boy

I Wont Be Anywhere by Bernie O’Naill

River Rouge (When I Die) by Jay Moonah, performed by Broke Fuse

Forest Glen by Bryson Guptill

Snakes and Ladders by Sebastian Fleet

They Know My Name by Helen Austin & Paul Otten, performed by Big Little Lions

Your Heart by Billie Zizi

Out of sight by Patrick Spencer and Max Kashetsky, performed by Coldwater Road

10 000 Mornings by Jean-Michel Renaud, performed by James Forest the East Road

It’ll Rain Today by Michelle Willis

Won’t Think Twice by Sam Cash

Mountain Blood by Matt Lowen, performed by Following Lions

Werewolf by Jojo Worthington

Keep Your Head Down by Ken Yates

Long May He Reign by Luke NIcholson

Wait by Glenn Sutter

Silence by Lindsay Foote

Kokanee Canary Canoe by Ross Douglas

Cece by Alexander Nikolas Shenton, performed by A Rancher’s Son

On and On by Jesse Weeks and Andrew Allen

Ballad of a Young Troubadour by Julian Taylor



Ameliasburg by Ernesto Cervini, performed by Myriad3

Living in the Past by Amanda Tosoff, Lloyd Tosoff and Ted Tosoff

Round The Bend by Andrew Melzer

The Other Side by Eli Bennett

Skipping Stone by Jeremy Voltz

Seven Bucks by Elizabeth Shepherd

La Musique by Kelly Bado

Addicted by Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar

I had a Dream by Spencer Vaughn Lafrentz

Shame On You by Jessica Stuart

Upside Swagger by Eli Bennett

K-O by Elizabeth Shepherd

Skipping Stone by Jeremy Voltz

Mr Weatherman by Kelly Bado

Gravity by Shirantha Beddage

Momentum (for Bernard Hermann) by Shirantha-Beddage

Shame On You by the Jessica Stuart Few

Wrong with Me by Jeremy Voltz

Colourblind by Miray

Somethings-Missin’ by Alex Buchanan, performed by Ragged Island Roosters

Pork-Chop by Shirantha-Beddage

The Long Goodbye by Shirantha Beddage

 Nothing Out There But Snow by Steven Hardy

Passage by Jessica Stuart

My Only Love by Duffmusiq

Step on It by Eli Bennett



Act Like We’re In Love by Sam Cash

Love’s a Losing Game by Tiffany Desrosiers

Beautifully Cruel by Chloe Charles and Gregory Darling

Amely by Michael Kelly

The Sound by Matt Epp feat Faouzia

Late Night Train by Michael Kaeshammer and John Goodwin

Sweet Grace by Michael Kaeshammer, Ron Lopata and Joel Parisien

Anyway by Mikalyn Hay, Rosanne Baker-Thornley, and North Easton

Do Right by Khalid Yassein, performed by Wild Rivers

Lost Lovers by Aidan Mayes and Mandy Cole

Refuse To Fear by Charlie A’Court and Lloyd Spiegel

Glass House by Julian Taylor

A Beautiful Place by Matt Borck

Boo Radley by Jojo Worthington

Free as a Bird by  Mikayn Hay, Bobby John and  Murray Daigle

Say No by David Blair

Somewhere New by Elena Zavalishina

The Plan by Brad Fleischer, performed by Flaysher

Never The Same Without You by Jesse Weeks, Arun Chaturvedi and Thomas Darcy

Toxic Love by Ria Jade

Follow by Carmen Braden

Strangers by Jasper Sloan Yip

Isadora by Kevin Howley, Scarlett Flynn, Jeff Carter and David Puzak, performed by Running Red Lights



Antidote du doute by Mélanie Brulée and Anique Granger

Le vent a pris ma place à soir by Phil Gatien

Nomade by Yaovi “Yao” Hoyi, Wilson Jr Leon, Alexandre Duguay, Mikail Standjofski, Sonny Black

Au fond de mon Coeur by Francois de Margerie

L’eau by Anique Granger

Occitune by John Palmer

Pendant la Pluie by John Palmer and Russ Batchelor

Ici et Maintenant by Sophie Bègue 

Dis Moi Encore by Selby Evans

Tout c’que j’veux by Jac Gautreau, Stef Paquette

Dans le sang by Yaovi “Yao” Hoyi and Sonny Black

Viens Dans Mes Bras by Nicole Edwards and Sylvie Painchaud

Facebook by Suzanne Lainesse

Parle-moi by Yaovi “Yao” Hoyi, Alexandre Duguay and Sonny Black

Pour te Garder by Anique Granger

La Chute de l’idéalisme by Devin Ashton-Beaucage

On est les Deux by GenevieveRB and Alain Barbeau

On na pas fini d’aimer by Kelly Bado



Coyote by Norine Braun

Leave You by Alexis Lynn

Weak by Alexis Lynn

Different Eyes by Brandon Baker, performed Electric Religious

Marionette by Brandon Baker, performed Electric Religious

Just A Little Bit by Julian Taylor, Kinnie Starr & Robert Priest



White Crosses by Mark Wolfe

Charlotte Taylor by Martha Renaud

When I Watch Seabirds Fly by Steven Hardy and Bernie Gilmore, performed by Amanda Rowe

The Kettle Valley Railway Clouds / in the Kootenays by Kyle Burghout

Come Home by Joshua Doerkson

This War by Michael Harmel, performed by Government Town

Hey There by John Palmer and Russ Batchelor

Sandy’s Smile by Colina Phillips

L’Ère Des Tempêtes by Jason Bernier performed by Corbeau du nord

Last Night I Dreamed I Was Home Again by Steven Hardy and Darlene Cormier, performed by Amanda Rowe

My Birmingham by Dale Boyle

Christmas Song by Michael Harmel, performed by Government Town

Pender Island by John Palmer



Guardians by Donald Helfrick

Somewhere In The Distance by Jesse Weeks/Paul Burns

Pool of Bethesda by JoJo Worthington

Halleluiah by Kelly Bado

The Lord’s Prayer by Emanuel Serra

Trinity Father by JoJo Worthington

Come Together written by L. Petrelli, M. Walsh, J. Pitman, performed by Mystic & Miranda

Amen Amen Amen by Paul Thomas Moore

Angels and Anchors by Sarah Smith / Peter Antonius Schmitz

Unconditional Love written by Dave Clark, performed by The Woodshed Orchestra

Take Us Swiftly Home by Samantha Martin

I Can Breathe written by Lauretta Ryan, Maria Ryan, Johnny Reid, Tyler Summers, performed by The Ryan Sisters

Lead Me Home by Brenna Parker

Love Serve and Uplift by Nicole Edwards, Scott Merritt, Dave Haddock

Phoenix by Robert Dedier, Andres Sierra

When I Reach Life’s End by Paul Thomas Moore

The Veil of Tamar by Lyn Besse McGinnis

The Transformed You by Ayo Oni

Wonderful is Our God by Ayo Oni

A Million Stars by Brant Pethick, Jaylene Johnson, Arun Chaturvedi


13. UNDER 18

Lovesick Lullaby by Emily Gilbart

Brothers and Sisters by Gus McMillan

Walking with No Shoes by Brettyn Rose

Someday by Hailey Benedict

Someone Like Me by Abby Hall

Cold Blooded Man by Alex Lil

Young by Gus McMillan

Something Alive by Karol Brown

Leave You by Alexis Lynn

Mrs. Politeness by Mathew Magneson

Time Is Tickin by Ashley Sienna

Home To You by Emily Gilbart

Beginning-Again by Katrina Becker Gedge

Someone Tell Her by Keltie Monaghan

Simple Love by Kira Sharp

Clean Slate by Hailey Benedict

Then I met you by Hayden MAck

Still On My Mind by Jayde Taylor

Last Stand by Kara Macdonald

Speechless by Karol Brown

Survive by Katrina Becker-Gedge

Individual by Syona Joshi and Geneva Burnstein

Nostalgic by Xtro (Chris Graham)

One Word by Abby Hall

Six Strings by Brettyn Rose




PHD by Adam Jesin

Puzzle Pieces by Claire Kuzmyk

What they Say by Grace Marr

There But for the Grace of God by Henry Norwood

Up Up and Away by Jim Schaming

We Don’t Need No Dance Floor by John Pippus, Mario Vaira, Rachel Suter, performed by John Pippus Band

Honey B by Lowell Friesen

Do You Mind by Oliver Charles

The Light  by Rebecca Hope

La Commande by Suzanne Lainesse