Deadline for Entries – February 28, 2017


Canadian Songwriting Competition Official Rules

  1. Each online entry requires the following information/elements:
    • An original song in mp3 format. (Or Youtube link if submitting to live performance)
    • A copy of the lyrics – Not necessary for instrumental songs. All languages are welcome. Please provide an English translation, if applicable.
    • An entry fee – Fees are charged per entry (see number 5 for details). We accept credit card payments and PayPal (special rates apply for participating association members).
      1. Early bird entry fee – $25
      2. Regular deadline fee – $30
    • A completed online application form.

*Please note we do not accept mail-in entries

2. All songs must be original and not infringe any copyrights or any other rights of third parties. Songs with multiple writers should be submitted under one designated name/representative who has the authority to represent all co-writers.

3. Entrant will retain all ownership rights to their submitted songs, and CSC will not have any ownership rights to any submitted songs.

4. Submissions are open to all amateur and professional songwriters who live in Canada and/or are citizens of Canada. The competition is open to all ages, but please note that entrants under the age of 18 requires parent or guardian approval. Employees of CSC, their families, subsidiaries and affiliates are not eligible. CSC reserves the right to disqualify entrants if, in the sole discretion of CSC, they or their submissions do not meet eligibility requirements. All fees are non-refundable.

5. Contestants may submit as many songs, in as many applicable categories as desired. Please note that fees are charged per entry. For example – one song (regular deadline fee) submitted in 2 different categories will cost $60. 5 songs submitted into 1 category will cost $150. CSC reserves the right to extend entry deadlines and reduce entry fees for special promotions.

6. All entries will be paid to Canadian Songwriting Competition. Charges on bank statements will appear under “CDN SW COMP”. Please note that although net proceeds are going to the non-profit organization FAST Canada, entry fees are not tax deductible as your songs are being entered into a competition and entry fees cannot be defined as ‘donations’.

7. All submissions (with the exception of the live performance category) will be screened by a CSC committee before being sent to judges made up of music industry professionals, who will select the winners. Songs are judged based on the quality of the lyrics, melody, and overall originality. Production quality is not considered in our judging process.

8. Submissions to the live performance category will be screened by a CSC committee. Top 10 finalists will be contacted by email, and entry to this category constitutes permission for CSC to post the performance onto the CSC Facebook page for voting. (Please see below for details)


Live Performance: Top 10 Finalists in this category will be chosen by a CSC committee. Submissions will then be posted onto the CSC Facebook Page, and winners will be determined through Facebook. All genres accepted. Please submit a YouTube link for this category.

Under 18: Only entrants under the age of 18 may apply. All songwriters on submitted song must be under 18. Please note that entrants must receive parent or guardian permission to apply to this competition.


1. All prizes will be awarded to the name as it appears on the entry form. The division of prizes among co-writers is the responsibility of the winners. Entrants agree to accept the final decision of CSC and its judges. There are no appeals.

2. CSC 2016 Semi-finalists will be announced in April 2017 (UPDATED) and winners in May 2017 (UPDATED). Within 30 days, winners will be notified to claim their prize.

3. Semi Finalists and Finalists will be notified by email before results are posted onto the CSC website. CSC is not responsible for invalid email addresses, or any other issues that result in an entrant’s non-receipt of CSC emails including but not limited to, server/email malfunctions or automatic delivery to spam/junk folder.

4. If necessary, CSC reserves the right to provide a cash substitute in place of prizes. A cash substitute value will be determined by CSC taking into account the wholesale value of the prize. Winners acknowledge that all taxes, fees, custom fees or any other additional costs will not be compensated, and are solely the responsibility of winners. Winners agree to release CSC and its sponsors from all liability respecting or related to the Competition, prizes or or the delivery of prizes.

5. CSC will use its best efforts to send out prizes in a timely fashion. Prizes sent directly from CSC will take a shorter amount of time compared to those sent from sponsors. If winners have not received any portion of a prize after 180 days, it is the winner’s responsibility to notify CSC in writing by email within 30 days. If a winner fails to notify CSC, CSC will no longer be responsible for delivery of prizes.

6. Finalists may be required to sign an affidavit within a stated time period, or entrant will be disqualified. Affidavits are to confirm that the entrant’s song is original and he/she holds all rights to the song. Affidavits are subject to verification by CSC.

7. Entrant gives permission for CSC to use winner’s name, likeness and voice for future advertising or publicity without additional compensation.

8. CSC, its judges and sponsors are not responsible for any liability, injury, damages or loss that may result, directly or indirectly from the entrant’s participation in the competition, or the prizes to be delivered hereunder..

9. By entering this competition, all entrants and/or their parents or legal guardians (if such entrant is a minor) agree to accept and be bound by the decisions of CSC and its judges which are final and binding in all matters. By submitting an entry into the competition, each entrant agrees to be bound by all terms of these official CSC Rules and Regulations as set herein or established from time to time.